Terms & Conditions

Things to know

 Passport and Visa requirements

Every traveler must have a valid passport. A Visa is required for a continuous stay of more than three months. If your stay is shorter than three months you only need to bring your valid passport with you. This applies to citizens of the following countries: countries of the American Continent (except Belize, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Colombia and Peru), Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.
For information on visa please contact the Swiss Consulate General located nearest to you.

Customs entry regulations

We are happy to assist if you have questions. Information about Swiss custom regulations can also be seen here: www.ezv.admin.ch


Itineraries are customized and individual for each tour and customer.
If unforeseen conditions beyond the control of SwissSafari GmbH and/or agents so require, the tour operator reserves the right to make changes in the itinerary, timetable and activities. Although no changes are anticipated, we reserve the right to make changes in hotels where deemed necessary or advisable. Substitutes will be equal in quality. Any modification as well as effects on the prices resulting thereof will be communicated as quickly as possible.


Gratuities to the driver/tour guide or to local guides at the end of a tour are customarily left at the discretion of the tour members and are therefore not included in the tour cost.

Items not included in the tour price

Items included or not included are outlined in each individual offer and can vary in each offer.

Air fares, airport taxes, passport fees, personal expenses and extras in the hotels such as laundry, room service, telephone, special beauty treatments, etc. are never included in a package rate.

Cancellation and repatriation insurance

We recommend our clients the conclusion of a cancellation and repatriation insurance!

On request we include a cancellation and repatriation insurance to the tour package rate. Our Travel insurance partner is Allianz World Wide Insurance. Rates depend on tour costs and age of traveller and will be offered on request.


The Tours include

Items included or not included are outlined in each individual offer and can vary in each offer. The below noted items are not automatically part of a contract.


If transportation is booked it will be made by a personal driver or driver/guide in a van, limousine or minibus/coach depending on the group size and the booked tour.

Tour Conductor

If you have booked a Switzerland tour with personal driver/guide you will have a friendly, skilled and multi-lingual Swiss driver who is at the same time an experienced guide. Transfers with SwissSafari will be included as outlined in the offer.
We reserve the right to book local guides and/or drivers if requested and at some destinations. This service is included if it is part of an offer.

Please note that your guide is at the same time a professional driver who is bound to the European law for professional passenger transportation. The law restricts driving time to 8 hours per day and the duty time is not endless. Your driver/guide is not supposed to make night transfers in addition to day transfers. Night transfers, resp. extra hours with a driver/guide can be booked separately if foreseen at booking. If a night transfer on a tour is a short term request we are happy to book a taxi or a limousine driver of a partner company. Payment is in person to the driver after each service and is not part of the SwissSafari contract.


Tickets or transfers are only included when mentioned in the tour program. We don’t make a refund for not used tickets or reservations.


If accommodation is booked by SwissSafari overnight stays will be in selected hotels of the chosen category, ensuring every comfort. Service and taxes are included with some exceptions which will be outlined in the offer.


Accommodation includes at most of the Hotels a sumptuous buffet breakfast or continental breakfast and is mostly included in the offer. It will be outlined in the offer whether or not breakfast is included. Special breakfast wishes, charged separately by the Hotels are not included.
Other meals can on request or exceptionally be included and will be outlined in the offer. Otherwise meals and beverages are not included in a booked tour.


Items outlined in the offer or in the booking confirmation with “Optional” or “Extras” are not included in the tour rate. The driver will be happy to book for you activities short term which will be payable in person to the provider. In such a case, the contract is made between the customer and the service provider. SwissSafari does not take liability.


Contractual Conditions


Booking instructions and conditions:

Reservations and payment can be made through your travel agent or directly with SwissSafari GmbH (following named SwissSafari) as early as possible to guarantee the tour of your choice. Each tour is customized/offered for an individual group/couple or person. The tour costs are to understand for the whole group/number of persons in party. In case of a cancellation of the tour by some tour members, costs can not be shared in relation but costs have to be recalculated by SwissSafari for the new group size. Expenses/costs of driver and car and administrative costs of the tour operator will remain the same, no matter how big the group is. SwissSafari or the customer is free to cancel the booked journey at the cancellation conditions of SwissSafari.

At least within 7 days upon receipt of our booking confirmation, a deposit of at least 400.00 Swiss Francs (the amount will be defined in the offer) must be transferred to our bank account or full payment at booking when the booking period is shorter than  5 or 7 weeks prior departure. Final payment is due 5 or 7 weeks prior to departure to our bank account in Swiss Francs.

The client agrees to our conditions by signing a registration form. A booking contract is made between SwissSafari and the client once the deposit payment, resp. the full payment has arrived on the SwissSafari account and stands for the booked number for persons in party.

Additional deposit payment for Sports Cars (excess in case of a damage or loss), bookings of activities or insurance can be asked.

If special payment or cancellation conditions are noted on the offer, these conditions will be valid.

We recommend the conclusion of a cancellation and repatriation insurance.


Cancellation of the journey by the customer:

A fee of minimum CHF 400.00 (or as noted in the offer) will cover communication and administrative expenses and will not be refunded in any case.

Full refund (less fee) if cancellation is made 36 or more days prior to departure.
A cancellation fee of 30% is due for cancellation between 35 and 20 days before departure.
For cancellation less than 20 and more than 15 days before departure we charge you 50%.
Cancellations less than 15 and more than 7 days are charged with 90%.
No refund for no-show or cancellation less than 7 days before tour start.

In some cases, when a part of the tour is booked with another Travel Agency or Tour Company, the cancellation and deposit conditions of these partners can be adopted by SwissSafari. If the terms of cancellation of the booked Hotels or third party are stricter than the ones from SwissSafari, they will be applicable in every case. Special conditions and others then here outlined will be noted on the booking confirmation.

The tour rate is bound to the number of persons in party.

In case of a cancellation of the tour by some tour members, costs can not be shared in relation but costs will have to be recalculated by the provider for the new number of persons on the tour. Expenses/costs of driver and car and administrative costs of the tour operator will remain the same, no matter how big the group is.


Cancellation of the journey by SwissSafari:

SwissSafari is entitled to cancel the journey if the deposit, resp. the final payment rate are not paid in due time. In such cases, the above-mentioned cancellation costs are imposed. In cases of force majeure or under other circumstances that make the journey impossible or endanger it, SwissSafari will reimburse the paid amounts to the extend to which SwissSafari will not be charged for the cancelled services imposed by contracted hotels, travel agents, tour companies, etc.. Special conditions others then here outlined can be noted on the offer.



The responsibility of SwissSafari as the tour operator or/and theire suppliers is limited. The Tour operator is responsible for providing the services outlined in the offer.

Tour services including but not limited to carriage of sea and air, hotel accommodations, restaurants, rail transportation, etc. are provided by various companies who are independent contractors and are not agents of SwissSafari. All services are subject to the laws of the country in which they are provided and to the conditions specified by the relevant suppliers. In the absence of negligence of SwissSafari, the participant waives any claim against the operator for any injury, damage, loss, delay, irregularity (consequentel or otherwise) or for any other cause to person or property which may occur in connection with such tour services or through the act of default of any company or person rendering any of the services included in the arrangements of the tour or otherwise in connection therewith or of any hotel proprietor or employee. The issuance of tickets, vouchers and/or coupons shall be deemed to be consent to the above conditions. The tour operator and/or their suppliers can accept no responsibility for losses or accidental expenses due to delay or changes in schedules, defaults, or overbooking by hotels, sickness, weather, strikes, war, quarantine or other causes. All such losses or expenses will have to be borne by the passenger. Baggage and small articles (coats, etc.) are at the owner’s risk throughout the tour. Any further liability of SwissSafari is excluded, irrespective of whether it is based on contractual or other grounds. The liability for property damage and financial loss is, in all cases, restricted to the double journey price per person. The right is retained to decline, accept or retain any person as a member of the tour or to cancel or alter the tour. The passengers contract in use by the companies when issued, shall constitute the sole contract between the companies and the purchaser.


Applicable Law/Court of Jurisdiction:

All legal relationships between the participant and SwissSafari are subject to Swiss law. Bern, Switzerland, has been agreed upon as the place of exclusive jurisdiction.


Wolfisberg, in October 2010