I could start by listing all the strengths of our small team, but to us it is just standard that our professional drivers are all Swiss and well-educated, multi-lingual guides. To have a comprehensive knowledge of Switzerland and our neighboring countries, their history, culture, and traditions is an absolute requirement in our profession just as much as a good general education, polite manners, and the readiness to provide first class service.

However, this is what makes our team special compared to other tour operators:

We love our profession! And we honestly look forward to welcoming each and every guest! It is a pleasure and honor for us to provide every guest with a “warm welcome” and to show our guests the beauty and special features of our home country. Positive feedback from our guests motivates us every day anew.

Carmen Aebi

Profession: Founder and Owner of SwissSafari GmbH, CEO, Operations Manager, Professional Driver (licensed to run a tour company)

Languages: My mother tongue Swiss German, English, French, German, enough Italian to speak with my compatriots in the south of Switzerland

Hobbies: Nature and all about the Universe, travelling and hiking with my husband, my TRIUMPH motorcycle, our loghome in the Jura mountains, gardening, building, my business

Private travel experiences: I visited more then 45 countries in the world – most of them by motorcycle.
I love touring by motorcycle because one must minimize the needs and the focus is on what is really important.  It allows you an insight into places where normal tourists don’t go, and to meet with locals on the “same level”.
When I was 20 years old I toured North America on a motor-bike! This was my dream for a long time!  I toured the States from East to West and from North to South on a Honda 650cc street bike. I was more then 6 month on the road and knew….: this was not my last motorcycle Tour!
Three years and many hours of planning later I was ready for my next big trip: My 600cc off road Honda XLR, equipped with a specially designed 42 liter petrol tank and self-made desert proved suit cases was ready for a desert trip. On this motorcycle I toured in summer 1983 to Spain, Maroc and Algerie and crossed the  Sahara desert in summer. I did not expect a place on earth to be so hot like the Sahara desert in summer and this trip was a real outstanding experience!
Well planned was also my longest and most adventurous motorcycle tour! It was in January 1987, snow had fallen the night before and it was feezing cold, when my husband and I started on our 600cc Honda bikes for our trip of a lifetime. This tour should go from Switzerland as far as to Kenya in East Africa. But because we liked touring in Africa so much, we decided to hit the road all the way down to South Africa! At the end we were 18 months on the road, mostly on gravel roads! With no doubt, this was the most memorable trip I had in my lifetime; in many points of view and I would not wnat to miss this experience.
Motorcycle riding is still my passion! My other motorcycle,  a Triumph Bonneville 750cc, which is a classic British beauty dating from the year 1980 still takes me on many great tours. With this “dear friend” I explored in the passed 35 years whole of Switzerland extensively and can say that I know Switzerland like the back of my hand. But I travelled also far north to Finland, Norway and Sweden, Belgium, Holland and Luxemburg and to the south to see Italy, France and Spain. I toured almost every European country including Germany and Austria.

Professional travel experiences: goes back to the foundation of SwissSafari (2002).

My favoured place in Switzerland: I am an outdoor person and love all places in the nature. Our  loghome in Wolfisberg, the Bernese Alps, the Ticino and Grison are some of the places. But I love also to slender through our old towns which stand for our long history and tradition in Switzerland.

My favoured places on earth… are all places with an intact natural environment. All places where I can stay in peace and freedom and may trust to be warmly welcomed.

I love Switzerland because… of it’s beauty and it’s diversity within a small area. Because of the different cultures who respect each others and life together in peace. Because of safety and freedom in the country. I have my roots here, here is my home!

I work for SwissSafari because…. I had the idea to organize and create great tours for Switzerland-visitors who are “searching for that extra something” on a tour. And to make sure they get a hearty welcome in my homeland.

Hugo Gasser

Professions: Certified Mountain Leader, Tour Manager, Driver, freelancing Business Process Engineer.

Languages: Swiss German, German, French, English and adequate knowledge in Spanish and Italian.

My hobbies: Interests: history, geography, ethnology, politics. Sports: travelling, hiking, winter sports, ballroom dancing and tennis.

My private travel experiences:  I travelled a good deal on my own across more than 60 countries on 5 continents, many of which were developing and emerging nations.
For this reason I have the deepest respect for the  people and ethnic groups I met as they never cease to amaze me by their adaptability to reshape the face of their region, while at the same time the natural surroundings strongly influence the way in which their culture is expressed.

My professional travel experiences: Guiding international groups in the European mountains, guiding Swiss groups to European countries, Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa, India, Far East and the Himalaya. Driving / guiding international groups throughout Switzerland and neighbouring countries.

My favoured place in Switzerland: The striking juxtaposition of natural and manmade landscapes in the mountain region with its heritage of culture and nature.

My favoured place on earth: Well, there is no planet like Planet Earth! Kidding aside. Because I am rather curious I like to ‘roam’ with a joy of discovery to untravelled regions but to return to my native Switzerland.

I love Switzerland for… its abundance of scenic attractions, cultural heritage, mountains, waters, plants, animals, tourist infrastructure. There is more than one could enjoy in a lifetime.

I work for Swiss Safari because… it is so manifold – no guest is like another, no journey is like another but the planning and organisation are, in principle, always similar: well done.

Peter Bertschinger

Professions: Polymechanic, Ski-instructor, Restaurant Manager, Driver/guide.

Languages: Swiss German, German, English and adequate knowledge in French.

My hobbies: Travelling, ski-touring, hiking, Geography Worldwide, Swiss History, Sports.

My private travel experiences:  I travelled more then 60 countries all over the world, inclusive the Antarktica.

My professional travel experiences: I started as a professional guide in 1987 and guided trips to New Zealand and Australia on more than 20 visits. I am also experienced in South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Scandinavia, Kuba, Sri Lanka, Brasil and Myanmar.

My favoured place in Switzerland: The Swiss Alps with the beautiful mountain lakes.

My favoured place on earth: my native Switzerland.

I love Switzerland because… all is very well organized. Our infrastructure is most probably the best worldwide. The standard of living is high quality, the country is safe!

I work for Swiss Safari because… I love to show our foreign guests the beauty of Switzerland in a very personal manner and SwissSafari gives me the ideal platform to do that. All is well organized so that I can put my focus on my guests and their wishes. We are a great Team!