SwissSafari – Individual Touring

Switzerland is a multifaceted country of great natural beauty, full of tradition, and with an interesting culture and history.
The luxury hotels bring a new sense of world-class style to Swiss holiday resorts, introducing a sophisticated standard of seductive living that will energize and inspire the traveler also at night.

Switzerland is the perfect travel destination – if you have the right travel partner!

SwissSafari GmbH is a licensed tour company and composed of a small team of some enthusiastic Switzerland experts. We specialize in customized tours through Switzerland and whole Europe.
Our tours are taken in modern cars or minibuses with personal Swiss drivers which are at the same time experienced tour guides. A high standard, and due to our great knowledge about Switzerland and Europe, individuality is guaranteed. We organize tours to every region of Switzerland and including sightseeing trips to the highlights but also offer “off the beaten paths” locations, family tours, culinary tours, adventure tours, trips to our neighbour countries, day excursions and transfers.

Our emphasis is always in quality; we do not claim to be the cheapest, but prefer to offer excellent value for money for persons wanting that “extra something” and a memorably and wonderful stay. Our special service to you: if you plan a full holiday package you get planning, organisation, transfers, tickets, hotel bookings and the carrying out of the tour from one hand which is an expert in Switzerland and Europe and have your personal contact during the whole planning and implementation stage.

Of course, each tour is custom-tailored and specifically offered considering the needs and wishes of our customers. But in addition, we even consider our guests’ wishes during the tour and are flexible enough to make short-term program changes upon request and according to the weather. Our utmost concern is to have happy clients who are having a great time!

We know what we are talking about and plan your tour carefully! 

Switzerland is a wonderful country. It offers a multitude of landmarks or places of interest. Each region and each season has its own special charm, each guest has other preferences. In regard to this we plan our tours.

During the summer months, we lead our guests by car on safe and secure paths into the high-alpine regions to visit the glaciers, the rocky cliffs, and alpine meadows. Our visitors can savor the views of deep blue lakes, waterfalls, and green valleys up to the dominating mountains, the “sugar coating” of which shines in the sun. We “conquer” with them peaks using one of the numerous mountain railways or cable cars. The next day, our guests can stroll along lake promenades under palm trees and discover with us towns full of history and castles. We can include in a program outdoor activites (we are all sporty and love hiking and skiing!),  events for the kids and special features. With pleasue we include visits of special events, festivals or markets.

A winter tour will look different then a summer tour because of seasonal closings and because many scenic roads are closed due to snow. But winter offers other highlights! We will take our guests to world renowned ski regions and mountain resorts where glamour and lifestyle are as much a part of daily life just as is the view of unspoiled mountain ranges covered deep in snow. Your driver/guide will be happy to be your ski teacher or your ski companion if you wish. Our guests will get to see historical and modern cities, they can shop and relax in the Spa of their Hotel. High Alpine scenic routes which we drive in summer by car can be explored by modern trains  which we are happy to include in a program. Winter  in Switzerland stands also for travelling in a slower pace.

Cultural events and culinary highlights complement our guests’ vacation in summer and in winter.

Have a look with us across the border!

Switzerland is a beautiful country – but so is France, Italy, Germany and Austria and with pleasure we plan Switzerland tours in combination with a trip to our neighbor countries. We like to look across the borders and to show you more then Switzerland. The possibilities are limitless thanks to our extraordinary team and our local partners.

Great places to spend the nights!

Our emphasis on quality does not stop at the hotel doors. I personally visit and inspect every hotel in Switzerland which I offer to our clients.
When I choose a Hotel I have a special eye on best located hotels providing rooms with view, friendly staff and good service. Many of our partner  Hotels have a long tradition and are family owned. Therefore, and because I don’t look necessarily on the brand of a Hotel, our partner hotels are not only part of the leading hotels of the World; moreover, they are hotels in very special locations or with special history. We have great partners in almost all categories!

We hardly drive two identical Tours!

No matter what type of tour you book with us and how long the tour is: We try to make every day for you to a one-of-a-kind, special day and I guarantee personally for an outstanding service and personal care. Our biggest reward for our efforts is to hear our guest exclaim one exciting “isn’t that marvelous!” and to get good feedback.

I hope, I was able to explain a bit more of our company’s philosophy in these few lines. Please read more about our great team and our vehicle fleet on “our Team” and “Vehicle fleet”.

The SwissSafari team is looking forward to welcome you to Switzerland and to share some time with you in our home country.

Be one of us!

Your SwissSafari Team
Carmen Aebi